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To create perceptions of social capital in the organization

Nice to meet you

I am dedicated to creating positive change and making a sustainable impact in the world. As a social worker with expertise in Community & Organizational Development and Disaster Risk Reduction, I have over a decade of experience leading the protection sector in emergency response and international development programs worldwide.


My work with various sectors, including the government, NGOs, and private organizations, has been focused on resilience-building and social protection issues.I've been an active member of international working groups such as GADRRRES and IASC and have presented at numerous global conferences, including the World Health Organization.


In addition to my professional experience, I have a diploma in Focusing Therapy with a specialization in trauma and participation processes. I host a podcast named Communi-Talks, and hold a B.A. in social work and 2 M.A. degrees, one in Emergency and Disaster Management in Public Health and one in Organizational and Community Development.

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