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Community as a management method

Today, as we all know, to achieve the organization's goals or fulfill its mission, we depend not only on the incentives employees receive but also on their experience and the relationships built among them.

In the workshop, we will get to know the six dimensions of community:

Trust and reciprocity, belonging, connectedness, commitment, meaning, and collective action. We will learn how these dimensions can help us build relationships among team members.

The workshop is conducted using participatory tools, aiming to create a shared experience and practical tools for managers to cultivate relationships and a sense of community in teams.

The participants will gain:

1. Familiarity with the values important to them as managers and leaders (through Appreciative Inquiry)

2. Familiarity with community dimensions

3. Practical management methods for community building through their collective wisdom.


Maya Peleg

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Anva possesses extensive expertise in community building, strategic process guidance, engaging with activists, fostering partnerships, and more. Our shared work has significantly contributed to the professionalization of social community work in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Roi Zamir

Novolane CEO

To me, Anva Symbolizes everything related to innovation in the world of communities.
Whenever I encounter a challenge or want insight from a different perspective, Anva is my partner for the journey.

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