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Islands of certainty in a chaotic reality

We live in a world full of disruption. At any moment, a new challenge can enter our lives and disrupt the routine. The challenge can be personal, organizational, or global (such as a global pandemic, for example). The realization that we cannot control these external disruptions can create a sense of helplessness and,  in the moment of truth - disrupt entire systems and functions.

The division we often make between thepersonal, professional, and global is an attempt to create certainty. On the other hand, it is an impossible division because we are all part of one system that works in synergy. When we learn to build islands of certainty for ourselves, seeing all the circles, and anchors that can help us cope and grow, we can respond positively to whatever comes our way on all levels - personal, professional, and holistic.

(The workshop, can be expanded into a process of several sessions that will prepare you to create islands of certainty in your organization).

In the workshop, we will dedicate time to learning how to work with compassion, from a perspective that says 'I am part of the world, and the world is part of me.' We will learn to believe in our abilities and create functional synergy for both the system and the individual within it.

I come with over a decade of experience in the resilience field. In this workshop, I will share insights gained from working in the humanitarian world and leading teams that respond to extreme cases and situations, and from leading organizations in the humanitarian and resilience field, such as the World Health Organization.


Maya Peleg

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Anva possesses extensive expertise in community building, strategic process guidance, engaging with activists, fostering partnerships, and more. Our shared work has significantly contributed to the professionalization of social community work in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Roi Zamir

Novolane CEO

To me, Anva Symbolizes everything related to innovation in the world of communities.
Whenever I encounter a challenge or want insight from a different perspective, Anva is my partner for the journey.

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