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A shared


It is important to design the process, to set boundaries, and try to quantify and define the outcome, not for inflexibility but rather for flexibility. Boundaries provide freedom of action and provide an anchor that we can always return to for reference or to modify if necessary.

the Process


Much has been said on the subject. In my opinion, it is the key to any establishment of a task-oriented group and community building. Even with a task to accomplish, it cannot be done effectively over time without working on relationships. Conversely, work that does not involve the task often feels to community members like a waste of time.

Goals and

A sense
of success


When creating a task group, a network or a connection between groups, a structure for organization is very important. When do we meet? How often? What are the norms and laws? And most importantly, how do we work together?


and visibility

a Community


As communities and groups are heterogeneous, it is crucial to find the common dream of the systems and the community. To see that each group can maintain its identity and values, and yet - find common ground.


Many times, people jump to big ideas and goals. Though this truly brings with it high motivation and meaning, the problem with big goals and big ideas is that they can take a long time to achieve. Even, and that time can be years. In order for a group that produces change to also believe in itself and in the ability to create change, it needs to generate a sense of success. This means starting with somewhat more modest goals.


Appreciation, branding, the reflection of successes, Appreciative inquiry. These are all small steps that shine a light on the successes, including the process and not only the successes.

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