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Activist Development Workshop

The world of volunteering and social activism has undergone many changes in the last two decades. Many organizational frameworks have emerged, such as: neighbourhood committees, parent committees, youth communities, and more. Many residents wish to lead change and take responsibility in their geographical and functional communities, developing solutions for their needs and the needs of their environment.

More than ever, in this changing reality, there is a growing need to provide residents with the theory, tools, training, and practices that enable community and social organizations from a place of dialogue and collaborative creation. In this workshop, we will learn and practice innovative practices and tools from the participatory leadership world and the new world of communities. The practices we will learn strengthen trust, listening, and co-creation, providing platforms for collaboration while enhancing residents' sense of belonging.

The training will work on two axes: the relationship axis (aimed at building activists with a sense of community and connection to resources and the system) and the goal axis (aimed at acquiring tools and undergoing a process of building a sustainable project).

At the end of the workshop, participants will have the option to continue receiving guidance and training from professionals to continue implementing the newly learned tools.


Maya Peleg

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Anva possesses extensive expertise in community building, strategic process guidance, engaging with activists, fostering partnerships, and more. Our shared work has significantly contributed to the professionalization of social community work in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Roi Zamir

Novolane CEO

To me, Anva Symbolizes everything related to innovation in the world of communities.
Whenever I encounter a challenge or want insight from a different perspective, Anva is my partner for the journey.

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