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From capital to capital

From capital to capital

from a perception of human capital to social capital

Gradually, over the past decades, more and more   organizations are abandoning outdated models based on hierarchy and authority   and replacing them with progressive models based on self-management.

In the transition to the new working model, there   is great importance placed on organizational learning processes and the   organization's ability to shift from a perception of human capital to a   perception of social capital. This transition involves continuous   improvement, mindfulness, a holistic view, and fearless self-expression.

In the workshop, we will explore the new   organizational models and perspectives, learn about transitions other   organizations have undergone, and acquire skills to work with the listening   model for creating change- based on the theory of U. All of this is aimed at   strengthening our ability to create a perception of social capital in the   organization


Maya Peleg

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Anva possesses extensive expertise in community building, strategic process guidance, engaging with activists, fostering partnerships, and more. Our shared work has significantly contributed to the professionalization of social community work in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Roi Zamir

Novolane CEO

To me, Anva Symbolizes everything related to innovation in the world of communities.
Whenever I encounter a challenge or want insight from a different perspective, Anva is my partner for the journey.

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